We're real people with a passion for technology

Building a media network is no small feat, but we are managing to do it.  What sets us apart from “legacy media” is our ability to pivot extremely fast and implement cutting edge technology quickly.

We invested in “new media” technology which is cheaper, faster and easier to implement.  Telling our local community about your product or service is the most cost effective it has ever been!

Re-defining Local Media

Local media for decades meant poorly produced commercials with horrible public access shows.  Today, that has all changed.

Westerly LIVE

We pioneered live streaming in Westerly, and we keep getting better.

Westerly Radio

I love Spotify but I miss broadcast radio from the past. Radio isn't dead - it's being reimagined.

Westerly News

Coming Soon! Local stories affect you and your decision making. Broadcasting soon.

Westerly Directory

One business directory to rule them all! The most complete directory for the Westerly area.

Our Benchmarks

We strive to be a “one-stop-shop”, and if we don’t offer something that our sponsors are looking for – our Official Partners do.

Sponsor Satisfaction
Advert Creation
Video Marketing